August 17th, 2010

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From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • 04:54:40: Naturally, you want to shine your light in a manner that other... More for Leo
  • 14:04:43: Download BLANKET OF WHITE for your Kindle:
  • 14:12:45: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is polite to correct even the most minor of mistakes in articles through comments that start with the word "actua ...
  • 14:25:46: RT @myzt: The main idea of "Inception": if you run a VM inside a VM inside a VM inside a VM, everything will be very slow
  • 14:31:58: RT @HuffPostTech: Smile! Aerial Images Being Used To Enforce Laws
  • 14:34:12: Gawd, it's humid out! Just got back from errands in Manhattan. Also got a b-day gift for my twin brother.
  • 14:46:24: Time to edit a client e-newsletter...
  • 16:00:48: RT @emediavitals: Is social media optimization part of your digital toolkit?
  • 16:01:27: RT @SocialNetDaily: 25 Essential #SocialMedia Resources You May Have Missed (via @Mashalbe)
  • 16:05:34: Did anyone else catch The Great Food Truck Race last night? In NYC, Food Trucks sell cupcakes, dumplings and even waffles!
  • 16:08:14: RT @rbrockington: 10 Must Have Summer Movie Soundtracks - Hey @edgarwright guess who's number 1!?
  • 16:13:46: RT @IMDb: Happy Birthday Madonna! #borntoday
  • 16:30:03: The sky fades to black; lighting crack! Thunder boom; monsoon!
  • 16:43:21: RT @StKonrath: "Google Hires BBC News Exec To Woo Publishers" - #journalism
  • 17:05:45: RT @KeithBlanchard: Mel Gibson, driving alone, crashed his Maserati into a hill. He's still not sure how the Jews pulled THAT one off.
  • 17:06:48: RT @5tevenw: Boy asks "Gran, have you seen my pills, they're marked LSD." Gran replies, "Screw the pills, have you seen the dragon in th ...
  • 17:31:06: RT @DamnationBooks: Haunt World has our banner up AND an ad in the big fall issue if their zine, just for presente ...
  • 17:39:48: RT @snowkitten: RT @donnafeldman Having 1000's online connections like having drawer full of biz cards; u still nd 2 build relationships ...
  • 18:02:04: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Avoid orphans in your writing. Stray words at the ends of paragraphs are pathetic, as are grubby parentless children.
  • 18:37:13: It's POURING!!!
  • 18:37:57: RT @WFSBnews: Pop-Tart sushi anyone?

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