November 15th, 2009

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss


  • 10:36 There may not be any simple answers, but you probably have a p... More for Leo #
  • 11:02 The MTA is full of suck: There's no F train this weekend, so I have to walk 20 block to catch the R train, so I can go to a B-day party... #
  • 12:13 Read BLANKET OF WHITE on the go: #
  • 14:15 RT @Larkn0298 Delightful, dark, humorous tales by @JeremyCShipp delivered to your inbox? Highly recommended! #
  • 15:35 Heading out into the rain shortly. Stoopid MTA! #
  • 15:46 Woot! Just passed the 6,400 mark on the re-write of "Apple of My Eye." Now, it's off to that party! #
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