October 31st, 2009

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss


  • 09:56 Yuck! Just ran over some gum with my rolley cart on my way back from the Laundromat... #
  • 10:43 It's time to move past the hurt of painful memories so you can... More for Leo bit.ly/SXp2X #
  • 13:18 Just hung up my costume to let the wrinkles fall out! #
  • 14:04 Am rockin' out to R.E.M. while I write! #
  • 14:22 RT @GeekTyrant Check out the Original Ending to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY bit.ly/4p6wSh #
  • 15:51 RT @MikeArnzen Adopt a VAMPIRE BAT for Halloween! bit.ly/1hAKsg #
  • 16:09 Get your hands on BLANKET OF WHITE, a perfect Halloween read: www.crimsonscreams.com/screams.htm #
  • 16:13 NYC Tweeps: if you need a great Dentist, allow me to recommed, Dr. Craig Weinberg. DM me for his contact info. Tell him I sent you! Thanks! #
  • 16:14 He gave me a free crown a few months ago when I told him I'd been laid off, so I told him I'd recommend him! #
  • 16:16 RT @JeremyCShipp Today's contest: Write about a curse you would hate, and include this link and tag tinyurl.com/yg7shgj #cursecontest #
  • 16:19 RT @fastcompany 140 Characters too daunting to read? How about having what sounds like the Jetson's read them too you bit.ly/tCIOx #
  • 18:00 Just passed the 6,000 word mark on the expanded "Apple of My Eye"! #
  • 20:38 RT @louisebohmer Pssst... Seen this yet? www.belfirepress.com Watch for more details coming soon! #
  • 20:39 RT @DamnationBooks Check out our website today for a Halloween contest: www.damnationbooks.com #
  • 21:02 Good night, Tweeps! #
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