September 16th, 2009

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss


  • 10:01 Time to book a car to the airport and start packing! #killercon #
  • 10:04 Please rate BLANKET OF WHITE on Goodreads: #
  • 14:41 Pet Peeves: Web Clients who e-mail me twice about the same issue before I've had a chance to respond. #
  • 14:42 Also clients who don't give feedback on updates and I have to e-mail them and say: "How does it look?" to keep a project moving... #
  • 14:42 I don't have time for such nonsense!!! #
  • 15:33 Talking Candy from #
  • 16:00 My father asked me if I got traveler's checks for Vegas. Does anyone really use them anymore? I prefer cash! #
  • 16:10 The guy's picture was 10 years old! #
  • 18:52 RT @docbrite: RT Help feed homeless shelter pets! Halo will donate a meal for every follower of @freekibble AND @halopets. Spread the word! #
  • 19:40 Get your hands on BLANKET OF WHITE! #
  • 20:29 What the hell? #3wordsaftersex #
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