March 14th, 2009

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Busy Bee

Despite this being my first full week sans a full-time job, I found myself in Manhattan every day this week.  I saw two movies.  I had no idea Watchmen was three hours long--it still rocked!  I used one of two Borders Gift Cards to get Disquiet, a poignant novella and Stephen King’s Duma Key, for inspiration--I have embarked on my fist collaborative novel and am having a blast.  I also got my hair done, bought a nice, new leather briefcase for under $40 had my fist job interview; not bad considering my last day of work was March 5th...

It's good to be busy!  To be honest, I don't really miss getting up at 7:30AM to cram onto two different subway lines to get to work.  Walking into my home office is a two-second commute!