November 17th, 2008

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Slot Machine Chronicles

I took a half day off from work last Friday to head to New Haven, Connecticut via Grand Central Station. This classy train station has very classy dinning choices. There's an oyster bark, sushi, places called Dishes, Two Boots, Pizza, etc. I got mouthwatering Prosciutto and Mozzrella. Since I had a 2 hour train ride, I also bought a slice of Junior's Famous Cheesecake! I usually take the train out of Penn Station when I visit my parents on Long Island. This tacky train station has terrible dinning choices: Taco Bell, McDonald's and Smoothie King. Don't really do fast food anymore--it doesn't agree with me anymore, so I usually get a smoothie.

My aunt picked me up at the train station.  I unpacked when we got to her house.  My cousin joined us to do some shopping.  I got some gifts and the Christmas Tree Shop; afterwards, we picked up some goodies, including Blackened Voodoo Beer, which I hadn't seen in years!  We had a nice dinner with my uncle that included a watermelon radish that smelled like watermelon and tasted like a radish.

I slept in the next day and after my uncle ran some errands, we were off to the MGM Grand and Foxwoods!  I won $412.00 on a dollar machine after playing the slots for a little over an hour!  When I walked back to the gaming floor after cashing out, a Security Guard told me I could not have my messenger bag on the gaming floor.  I told him I had it on the gaming floor for over an hour and that the casinos in Vegas let me play with my bag.  That got me escorted to the coat check, where the guard watched me check it--I was allowed to keep my purse...

I got greedy at Foxwoods and lost $100.00 of my winnings--I managed to walk away with my winnings.  My uncle wasn't so lucky--he gave the $50.00 he won back and went home empty-handed...