November 2nd, 2008

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Bye-Bye Rabbit Ears

I am finally getting cable TV...I am getting rid of my rabbit ears next Saturday, when Time Warner comes to install cable TV.  I have had a cable modem for five years, but I have never had cable TV.  I am the last holdout.  I put my VCR on the street--I haven't used it in six years.  

I am buying a Samsung 40" HD TV with a red frame and a Blue-ray player before December 1, because I have that day off from work, so that is when the new TV needs to be delivered.  There are lots of amazing deals to be had, on a count of the recession.  Thanks, failing economy!!

I need to select a TV cabinet; I will go to Long Island to buy one, that needs to be delivered before December 1.  I will also need to switch the cable box for an HD one before Thanksgiving and the cable company will need to make two trips to install the HD cable box.  I will confirm that when I call to confirm my appointment.  I also want to be sure I am getting all of the movie channels in my 360 channel package.  Is that complicated enough?!?!?!