October 6th, 2008

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Miss Moneybags

I am back from Vegas! I had a bit of a scare at the airport--I checked in so early at JFK that one of my bags hitched a ride on an earlier flight...Luckily, one of my co-workers spotted my bag in the Jet Blue Office. My manager invited me to ride in a limo to the airport with the rest of our co-workers from the flight. There's nothing like arriving in style!

I won over $2;000; I kept $1,800; the rest I won for co-workers and friends--I doubled some people's money, so they loved me! I won $15 waiting to meet some friends for dinner. I won every time I stepped into a casino, thanks to my customized strategy. I almost hit big jackpots on progressive machines, but almost doesn't count. I won the most at The Venetian because it was the closest casino to the Sands Convention Center. I found a slot machine I had never seen before, Wild and Lucky on one of my lunch breaks. In less than 10 minutes I tripled the $20 I put in. I went back a few hours later on my later afternoon break only to find the machine's service light on. I went to a cashier and asked her to page an attendant. I won $200 more on the same machine! I made it a point to go back to the same cashier, to show her I won! The beer hall was great fun and the food was good. I had some really good Italian food with another co-worker another night,  tri-colorgnocchi with sweet tender rabbit, two mojitos and for dessert, mango Crème brûlée with kiwi sorbet. My only regrets: I didn't get to as many casinos as I would have liked--I was there on business and I didn't get to have sushi.

Vision Expo West wasn't as well attended this year; the economy might have something to do with that...