September 28th, 2008

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Vegas Adventures

I have a car coming to whisk me away to JFK @ 6:00AM on October 1 for my Jet Blue Vegas flight! I am going for work to attend International Vision Expo West. I went last year and saw lots of exciting eyewear; in my downtime I won $1,600.00 on the slots!  Here's hoping I do 100 times better this year!  I went to the bank to get my Vegas $$, right after I went to the Post Office to put my mail on hold while I'm away.

We get the first night to ourselves, so I am having dinner with Renee, who works in Circulation and her husband at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas.  I looked at the menu online the other night--I'm looking forward to some authentic German beer and food!  Afterwards, her husband will drive us to the Hard Rock Hotel, so I can show her my slot machine strategy... Another night, Mary, one of the Editors I work with and I are gonna head over to Bellaggio to dine at Yellowtail.  I love sushi!

If I do well, I might splurge on a late show...I'll be back on October 6 with all of the scandalous details!