August 3rd, 2008

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

R U LinkedIn?

Witness the power of LinkedIn.  I needed to send a very important E-mail Blast out this past Friday night.  After I scheduled the blast to go out via WhatCounts, I noticed that there were now two mailing lists in the drop-down menu: VMail_Extra and VMail Extra (new).  After my initial panic:  WhatdoIdo???  I tried to reach our I.T. Guru Brian on his cell, but it was already 6:00PM, so I didn't get him.  I can't say I blame him--Summer days are meant to be savored...I wanted to select the new list, but Brian hadn't mentioned it in the e-mail he sent me and a few other people who needed to be in the loop the other day, so I left the list set to the usual  VMail_Extra list.

Yesterday I had a brilliant idea:  Brian is on LinkedIn!!  I sent him a quick note asking if I needed to change the list.  It turns out he set WhatCounts to use the correct list which turned out to be...Drum roll, please: VMail Extra (new).  Thanks for putting my mind at ease!!

If you're a LinkedIn Member, let's connect, you never know when you might need me to help you out of a jam.  If you aren't LinkedIn, join today.  It's free, so you've got nothing to loose!