June 22nd, 2008

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Entertaining Relatives

My Aunt Kim and Cousin Celeste were in town Friday night thru Saturday afternoon.  They took the train from CT--they missed the first train and didn't call, so they were three hours late.  I finally started tallying up my 2008 expenses while I waited for them to arrive.  The Metropolitan Opera had a benefit concert in Prospect Park.  We sat on a blanket in the free section and ate Thai food--we couldn't see the performance, but the music sounded amazing!  Afterwards, Kim wanted to buy a bottle of wine.  We noticed an ice shop that had just opened, so we got ices for dessert!

Kim and Celeste were up with the Sun to head to Times Square for 8:00AM Summer Solstice Yoga.  I slept for a few hours, then met them in Bryant Park an hour later than I was supposed to, hey, they were late...We had Korean Vegetarian food for lunch.  I had black sesame porridge, vegetarian dumplings, curried tofu with vegetables and multi-grain rice, Darjeeling iced tea and, cold apple soup for dessert!  Kim always pays for my meals, when they stay with me--not a bad deal!

After we parted ways, I wanted to see Get Smart, so I headed to the theater on 34th Street, only to discover that they just had a fire...Fuming, I went to Times Square.  The movie is hilarious, true to the series on TV when I was a kid.