June 2nd, 2008

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VisionMonday.com Nabs an EPpy™

VisionMonday.com, the Web site I am the E-News Managing Editor for, has garnered another award!  We were finalists for the Min Award in three categories a couple of months ago.  We just learned that we won the super special EPpy™ Award for the Best Regional Magazine-Affiliated Web Site, yes it's so coveted it has its very own trademark!

What the heck is an EPpy™ Award, anyway?  Allow me to enlighten you:

The 2008 EPpy™ Awards for the Best Media-Affiliated Internet Services are presented by Editor & Publisher and Mediaweek. This is the 13th year for the contest, which has been broadened beyond its original focus on the interactive newspaper industry to reflect both the maturing of the Internet industry, where media-affiliated sites compete for both users and revenues, and the expanded scope of the Interactive Media Conference and Trade Show, expected to attract executives from the Internet services sponsored by newspapers, magazines, television and radio, and the vendors that serve them.

Entries to the competition are reviewed and rated by a team of distinguished judges from the media industry chosen by the management of Editor & Publisher and Mediaweek.

Here are some pictures of the awards--I just got my hands on them today, the pictures, not the awards--I'm in production with the 6-16-08 issue.  Shield your eyes, lest their brilliance blind you!!