April 2nd, 2008

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Going Postal...

Last night after work I went to see the NYC Premiere of Postal, directed by Uwe Boll at the Tribeca Cinemas.  The theater featured a bar, but I was really tired and snuck in my own soda, so I didn't get anything.  The screening was packed, one of the event organizers but Joe Mauceri, let me in!  Joe is awesome!

Uwe Boll was there to introduce the movie.  He's a really wacky guy!  The movie opens with two of the 9/11 terrorists arguing about how many virgins will be waiting for them in heaven...Hilarious!  I laughed the entire time!  Do yourself a favor and check out Postal when it's released in May.

My subway goes above ground in Brooklyn for a few stops; when the train emerged the rain pounded it.  Some of the trains are older and it rained so hard the water seeped into the car.  The rain wanted in...One of my co-workers told me there was a tornado warning last night.  Yikes!