March 4th, 2008

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

OMG! I've on LJ for a Year!!

Wow, I've had my very own LiveJournal for a year now...Hard to believe---I've met some really cool New York City based writers via LJ, as well as a few on other countries.  Other LJ Users have tipped me off to new markets and several that have closed shop.  I've promoted my collection, Apple of My Eye extensively and am the E-News Managing Editor for for nine months now after a full-time freelancing stint.

I decided freelancing wasn't for me--very few of my Web Clients paid on time, or it was like hostage negotiation to justify my fees.  Consequently, I had to rely on my credit cards far too often--I'm really paying the price now...Take it from me:  Credit cards are nothing but a huge heap of trouble!  I have three…