February 19th, 2008

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Please Use the Revolving Door...

There are three doors at the entrance to the office building where I work during the day.   Two are normal glass doors; the third one is **gasp**  a revolving door.  I avoid the revolving door when ever possible.  Why would I want to go round in a circle when I can get in and out of the building twice as fast via the ordinary doors?  The only thing I detest more than revolving doors are circular conversations--they accomplish nothing, other than making me dizzy!

The ordinary doors have a brass sign with big black letters that read, PLEASE USE THE REVOLVING DOOR.  If they really wanted the tenants to use the revolving door, they'd lock the other ones, but they're always open, so those are the ones I use.  Everyone else seems to favor the revolving door; perhaps they've been scared into submission.  They're all nothing but a bunch of lemmings.  I'm the only lemming with a life preserver.

It's almost impossible to intimidate me.  Let's go for a swim!