August 13th, 2007

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Coney Island Nights!

I had some relatives visit me last night. We hopped on a G train--the F train wasn't running, due to track work, thanks MTA and were in Coney Island in 15 minutes! They're Vegetarians, so they settled for roasted peanuts, corn on the cob, mozzarella sticks, and potato knishes. I had a tasty chili cheese dog from Nathan's! After we ate, my Uncle Brian and Cousin changed into their bathing suits for some serious body surfing. My Aunt Kim and I didn't have our bathing suits, but we stuck our feet in the water and found it to be nice and warm. There was a lifeguard chair nearby, so I asked her to take some pictures of me with my cell phone. I don't have the USB Cable for my phone, so I can't download the shots, but they turned out well! Then, while I was perched on the chair, these two macho guys come over and try to dig it up. Talk about hilarious! They kept digging, until they realized it was

Brian and Celeste braved the Cyclone; Kim and I aren't too fond of roller coasters, so we watched...Afterwards, Celeste and I waited on line to ride the world-famous Wonder Wheel, a huge Ferris Wheel that has white stationary cars and colored cars that swing on a track. We hopped in a white car and admired the relaxing, spectacular view. I didn't take any pics., though the park looked really cool lit up.

We all tried our hand at Skee Ball and other games of chance! Celeste and I used our tickets for miniature, rainbow colored Slinkies. Mine is square and hers is round! I also dropped 50 cents into a Fortune Teller machine. Here's what I got: The month of November will bring luck to you. Start new ventures then, they'll bring success to you.

Life for you may seem humdrum at present, but cheer up, the future holds many interesting moments for you. You will soon receive a bid to join an interesting group. Here you will meet a friend who will wield a great deal of influence in your life. You have a very romantic disposition which may have gotten you into trouble in the past, bout you are about to settle down and concede that the one love in your life is your true one. You have a fine taste in clothes, and this has caused many people to envy you.

Not bad, eh? I'm looking forward to November...But there’s one thing missing...I have no love in my life; hopefully, the next guy I meet will be the one I want. I haven't been very lucky in love...