June 26th, 2007

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

Support Shocklines

Shocklines.com has been a valuable asset to the Horror Genre.  Matt is definably one of the good guys and I will miss the store terribly, but I understand that he's decided to do what's in his best interest.   I've bought several books there over the years, thanks shocklines. Have a look, buy a book!  You'll find my collection, Apple of My Eye, as well as well as some more obscure horror magazines that feature my work.

The Shocklines Message Board will live on!  It's a great community--I've met lots of cool writers, like nickcato and have caught up with authors I know, like jeffstrand.  We share our professional triumphs and personal tragedies.  Every so often we get together for drinks—let’s do it more often!