March 28th, 2007

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Random Updates

Get your Limited Edition of The Three-Lobed Burning Eye Annual Vol. III, available from Legion Press, featuring my story "Rampart."

The cover is gorgeous!  Check out this great line-up:

The year 2001–2002 collected 3LBE, issues #9–12.

"Orach" by Brendan Connell
"Snowcatters" by Steve Sidor
"All That's Best" by Stephen Minchin
"Coma" by Neil Ayres
"Rampart" by Amy Grech
"Saurian Bridge " by Lee Clarke Zumpe
"Eye of the Beholder " by Mary Musselman
"The Last Idea " by Thomas Lee Joseph Smith
"Moon in Their Eyes " by Tim Curran
"The Excelsior " by Luke A. Metzler
"Rats From Spain " by Thomas Deja
"The Starfish " Lisa M. Bradley
"Contract Work" by David J. Wright
"Swim in Sediment" by Gary W. Conner
"The End of Mr. Blame" by Kealan-Patrick Burke

Gallery Artists:

David Ho
Cristina Legato Orr
Tracis Smith
Nicklas Sundin

Covers by Rew X

I'm always curious about how people find my website.  I just checked the stats and found this neat site.  Plug in your name, I dare you.  The results might surprise you!  All of these Podcasts I've been doing are really starting to pay off!