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9-11-01: A Somber Six Years Later…

Has it really been six years since 9-11-01?  I remember it was a beautiful day--the sky was the perfect shade of blue and it was still warm out.  I took the day off from work to see my father's eye doctor; Dad wanted me to get a second option about my Dry Eye and like a dutiful daughter I did.  So when they showed the footage of the planes careering towards those magnificent metal,  twin towers, an "11" that glistened in the bright September sun on TV a thousand times throughout the day, it felt like a scene from a really bad movie.

The enormity of it didn’t hit me until I arrived back at my apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn a couple of days later, where I lived at the time.  I used to have a great view of the World Trade Center Towers.  I had to do a double-take when I saw nothing but sky where lives and love used to be...

This morning, the weather in Manhattan was dark and dreary; a deluge of rain did its best to cleanse the City.  It was as though God was crying over this travesty.  How could anyone carry out such a heinous act?  The F train was remarkably empty--there were fewer people than usual--I imagine those who lost loved ones stayed home to grieve and heal…My fellow passengers seemed solemn, deep in thought, instead of their usual morning newspaper.  I arrived early to work and took time out of my busy day to reflect and remember.

Always remember, lest we forget...

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