amygrech (amygrech) wrote,


  • 13:12 Great weather in NYC; Spring can't be far behind! #
  • 14:30 Happy Birthday to @kpaffenroth! #
  • 14:43 I'm working on the novella! #
  • 16:02 I got rid of a lot of clothes I haven't worn in years. Ah, free closet space! #
  • 16:05 AT & T has been helping me sort out cell phone problems...Tech changed a setting on my phone that may have solved the problem... #
  • 18:41 A Year Out: #
  • 22:20 Listening to Tori Amos while I write. Really gets me in the zone! #
  • 22:24 ww, nothing beats kitty-love!! #
  • 22:59 Tomorrow, I conquer the dust bunnies skulking about... #
  • 05:22 The anticipation may be making you crazy now that go-getter Ma... More for Leo #
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