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It's Been a Year...

A year ago today I was informed that my job of E-News Managing Editor was being eliminated, due to the Recession.  I was also freelancing on nights and weekends, so I had a financial cushion and was not devastated like a few other people facing the same predicament.

In the time since, I've gotten some new short term Web Clients, who only needed me for a few months.  Along with the folks I've been working with continuously for several years, it's still not enough.

I sold my collection, Blanket of White, to Damnation Books and have been working on several other writing projects I can't mention, yet. In short, I've been keeping busy.

If I have nothing to occupy my mind, I get restless.

My Accountant told me I owe $600.00--that's what I get for not having taxes taken out of my unemployment...I've started sending out resumes. Who knows how long it will be before I'm called for interviews...Soon, I hope!
Tags: layoffs, recession, unemployment

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