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Herding Cats


I’m here in Northport, where I grew up, visiting my parents and my brother and sister-in-law.  We did some shopping last night at the local Target Store; they had a sale, so I got lots of good things!  I also get to see my adorable cat, Scooter; he’s always happy to see me and loves to play.  One of his favorite things to do is follow a piece of twine as I drag it around the house.  He makes a game of it, pouncing on the sinuous string just before it’s beyond his reach.  Scooter holds it between his paws and chews on it, pleased with his victory.


Random web users are like cats chasing string…You may wonder why I’ve written about Target in this blog entry and also tagged it.  The answer resembles the string Scooter loves to catch; by linking to popular Web sites, I drive quality traffic to my Live Journal and make my shameless self-promotion effortless.  When some Googles the keyword “Target Store,” the changes are pretty good that the Search Engines will add this entry in the list of results it generates with that keyword, thereby increasing the number of visitors to this blog.


Here, kitty-kitty!

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