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Had a Happy Birthday...

It's official...I turned 35 on August 20th and I'm cool with it.  So is my twin brother, Andrew; he's a minute older than me and has always looked out for me, like a good brother should!  Here's a picture of us making a wish before we blow out the candles on our Birthday Cake! Also one of me wearing the traditional Birthday Hat!   I went to visit the family this past weekend.  We went out to dinner with our parents and Andy's wife, my sister-in-law, Denise.

On my Birthday, my Boss and her Boss surprised me by taking me out for a delicious lunch at Lupe's, great restaurant in SoHo; if you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out!  Monday night I finally got to see Stardust and liked it for the most part.

Today I went out for pizza a few doors down, on a count of all the rain.  It's $5.00 for two slices and a soda, so I gave the guy $10 and he gave me $14 bucks back!  That's the first time I've made money buying lunch!
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