amygrech (amygrech) wrote,


  • 15:00 Happy New Year! Was up until 3:00AM; slept 'til noon! #
  • 15:11 EXTRACT was a riot! PARANORMAL ACTIVITY completely underwhelmed me--it dragged, but at least the end was fun. #
  • 16:41 If you dug, BLANKET OF WHITE; please post a review on Amazon: #
  • 16:44 Some things never change: #twitterfail #
  • 17:23 Time to put my fake Christmas Tree away! #
  • 19:16 On page 1000 of 1074 of Under the Dome by Stephen King #
  • 19:51 Listening to New Year's Day by U2 just because... #
  • 20:03 Almost forgot to pay the rent...Just gave landlady a check. #
  • 20:44 Vote for BLANKET OF WHITE: #
  • 06:39 You have a list of tasks that must be done today, but you aren... More for Leo #
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