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2009: A Retrospective

2009 was a mixed bag for me, full of good news and bad.  Because I'm such an optimist, we'll start with the good news: I picked up several new Web Clients, always a good thing! Damnation Books published my second collection, Blanket of White, which is selling well in both eBook and Trade Paperback formats!

Now, the bad news...They say losing your job is like a death in the family; unfortunately this year, I experienced both. In March I was told that my job was being eliminated. Kind of harsh phrasing, don't you think?  It makes it sound like my job was something the company considered wasteful. I prefer the wording highlighted in the recent film, Up in the Air. Your job is no longer available. A little less crass! In May, my Grandmother on my Mother's side passed away. She had been suffering from Dementia in a nursing home on long island for several years; she lived to be 91.

Because I was born in an even-numbered year, I'm expecting great things in 2010: A new job once I complete some Flash Animation courses at Nobel Desktop, and a serious boyfriend I plan to go out more on my own to make this dream a reality!

May 2010 bring nothing but good things for everyone!
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