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  • 10:33 Hai to my new followers! Hope you enjoy my tweets! #
  • 12:54 Download "Blanket of White" for Stoker Consideration: #
  • 13:14 What's your New Year's Resolution? I have several: to write more often, and go out more, so I can finally land a serious boyfriend. #
  • 13:15 I'm getting too old to be a FWB... #
  • 14:10 Got a check in the mail; can't check it 'til next year... #
  • 15:16 What a way to start the year! Will be taking a Flash class next week @ Nobel Desktop! #
  • 15:36 Any Reviewers interesting in taking a look at my collection, BLANKET OF WHITE, please DM me! #
  • 16:36 #twitterfail #
  • 17:51 Need to dive into more 2009 expenses after dinner... #
  • 17:57 2010 Horoscopes: #
  • 21:34 My business took a loss this year...So did billions of others. I hope I don't owe too much... #
  • 06:49 It's not just another New Year's Eve for you; this one may bri... More for Leo #
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