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Here's another rave review for Apple of My Eye, which currently has a sales rank of 666,603 over at  Note the 666!  I'm thrilled the book has found its  audience!  Lucky for me there are a lot of sick people out there!  Hehehe!  At a signing a few months ago, a father asked me if I could make Apple of My Eye to his son, Andrew.  I didn't think to ask how old Andrew was, so if he wasn't a man before he read my book, he is now!!

I'd like to thank Michael Amorel over at Two Backed Books for believing in my deliciously dark brand of Horror!  A big THANK YOU goes out to Jay Bonansinga, for his sharp, witty back cover blurb.  Let me know next time you're in NYC--I owe you a drink!  Thanks, to all of the Readers and Reviewers who have helped make Apple of My Eye a huge success!
Tags: amy grech, apple of my eye, horror fiction, jay bonansinga, michael amorel, two backed books

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