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Sushi Park

This past weekend, I went to visit my family on Long Island for my Grandma's Birthday.  On Saturday night, my brother treated me to dinner at Sushi Park; this restaurant in Commack has a wonderful selection of succulent sushi and sashimi, served buffet style!  We've been there twice and the food is excellent!  There's also a nice selection of hot food, but they're renowned for their sushi!

On the way to dinner, we went to the mall, so my brother could buy my Grandma a gift.  I asked him if we could go to Bath and Body Works, because I love their soap, but alas the Walt Whitman Mall doesn't have that store--I was shocked--I though all malls had the same cookie-cutter selection, so I got some really good soap at Williams Sonoma instead.

Grandma's Birthday Party was nice on Sunday, considering she's in a Nursing Home and kept nodding off.  Oh, well...
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