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  • 10:15 I'm contacting some local online/print publications about featuring BLANKET OF WHITE. #
  • 13:28 I just got back from lunch and running errands in my hood. Had a nice salad with pork and rice noodles and honeydew bubble tea. #
  • 13:28 Place where I ate didn't have the lights on. What is this world coming to?! I also picked up a book on HTML 5. #
  • 13:57 I'm finally going to see Zombieland tomorrow night. Can't wait! #
  • 15:08 Great website for Halloween Costumes: #
  • 15:09 Hai to my new followers! #
  • 15:38 has multiple Page 1 listings with the Search Engines! Woot! #SEO #
  • 17:52 Updating Client E-newsletter... #
  • 08:46 One of my newer clients wants to extend SEO fro anther 3 months! Check out my portfolio: #
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