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Taking Candy from Strangers

A few years ago, before the Recession hit, I snagged five new SEO Clients from Craigslist in less than a week.  I run a slightly updated ad ocassionaly, but I've gotten no bites, even after lowering my rates 50%...

So how do I manage to survive during this economic downtown?  Simple.  I have a stable of Web Clients who I've been working with for 5 years now, in addition to having a full-time job a few years ago.  LinkedIn is my salvation.  A few months ago I simply updated my status to read Amy is seeking new SEO Clients and several people on LinkedIn contacted me about short-term work. Another successful approach I've used is connecting with my connections' contacts; once they accept, I thank them and ask them to let me know if anyone in their network needs SEO.  I've gotten work this way as well!

I'm not afraid to take candy from strangers.  How sweet it is!! 

Tags: freelance seo specialist, linkedin, netowking, seo

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