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Payment is due upon receipt.

I've been a Freelance SEO Specialist for almost a year.  Freelancing offers a few perks, I have a 2 second commute to my office, since it's right next to my bedroom, and I can knock off early when my friends want to get together; there are plenty of downsides, too, some of my clients, make me contact them about work, and that's really frustrating!  When they don't pay on time, everything stops...I live frugally, allowing myself the occasional indulgence, because I don't have a husband or a live-in boyfriend, though I am seeing a great guy, to fall back on financially.  I'm flying by the seat of my pants, and yes, that can be exhilarating when I'm making mad money, like I was back in March...Most of my Web Clients love me so much they have referred people to me and they have no problem paying me without delay, but like anything else, there are a few bad apples...

I am a reasonable person--I bill my Web Clients once a month for all charges incurred.  At the bottom of all of my invoices I have placed the following disclaimer:  Payment is due upon receipt.    I have done this because, sadly, lazy people like to play dumb and say, "I thought I had 30 days to pay."  One of my newer Web Clients did just that.  Sheesh!  I cannot afford to wait 30 days for payment for services rendered--I know very few Freelancers who can.

I think it's pathetic that 99.9% of people out there are lazy.  Apparently, I am part of a dying breed, namely the 1% who goes above and beyond in both my business relationships and personal ones.  I know the people I associate with appreciate it--they've told me so!

This morning I was in Manhattan to run a few errands.  First stop:  An AT & T Store for a new cell phone battery.  The clerk barley acknowledged my presence, again lazy!  It wasn't until I placed my phone on the counter rather loudly that I caught his attention.  I told him I had a two-year service contract and wanted to replace the battery--I thought it would be free, because I have a contract, but no, I had to cough up $30.00--at least it's a business expense.  Next up:  Whole Foods for some Sushi, I deserved a treat, some fresh vegetables--gotta stay healthy and Sugar in the Raw, unprocessed, brown sugar that's not only better for me, but it also helps alleviate my Dry Eye Symptoms!  After that I got a few odds and ends at Trader Joe's in Union Square, where they teased me, because I had a Whole Foods bag at my feet.
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