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The Perils of Automated Messages

Whenever I need to have a Time Warner Cable Tech come to my apt. to fix my cable modem, or I order furniture from Bob's Discount Furniture, I get an automated call on my phone to confirm my appointment the next day. I have no problem with businesses that have thousands of appointment harnessing the power of automation to expedite things...

But, last night I got an automated call from my eye doctor's office. Unfortunately, I accidentally disconnected the call before I could hear an important message; I had been eating dinner when the call came in and I kind of spazed when I went to slide open my phone. So now I have to call the office on Monday to find out what the important message was. I sure hope I get to speak to a live person!  None of my other doctors are using a computerized service to confirm/change appointments. Personally I think it's a cold, detached way for doctors to be doing business. They would probably argue that it's much more efficient.

What do you think?
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