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  • 15:02 Interested in Soccer Scholarships for your kids? Check out #
  • 17:39 It's gonna be 85 and humid in NYC tomorrow...Yuck! I hate humidity! Thank God for A/C! #
  • 17:43 It takes 4 ever to get hot water in my building--the boiler needs to be replaced... #hot water fail #
  • 19:21 I'm off to work on Apple of my Eye--I'm expanding the original story from my first collection with interesting results. #
  • 19:22 This bad boy is gonna be a novella, possibly a novel; I've already got over 6,000 words and I've barely scratched the surface... #
  • 19:25 Hai to my new followers! #
  • 19:26 My Daily Twittascope - #
  • 20:57 Whoa! Just realized I've had a Yahoo acct and for a decade! Now I feel old. #
  • 20:57 I've been with Earthlink so long I have a address. #email #
  • 21:26 Get 400 followers a day using #
  • 13:37 Just got back from my weekly Manhattan romp. I got new socks and slippers @ Kmart. Exciting! #
  • 13:37 I also had lunch @ McDonald's for under $5.00. I had to Mac Snack Wraps, which were mighty tasty and a sweet tea! #
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