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Second Blurb for Blanket of White

"Blanket of White is a collection of short stories that leave the reader fighting an attack of shivers and wondering if, perhaps, there more dreadful truth to the tales than fiction. Sometimes we remember people the way we want to remember them, instead of how they really were. We forget the fear, the horror, the torture, and we remember their beautiful eyes and hair ─ their soft voice. Sometimes we try to justify terror, try to make sense of it. We try to adapt. Sometimes, we manage to convince ourselves that murder can be a loving thing. There is a strong sense of winter in these stories.  Chilling details and coldness pervade the characters and the tales. For the reader these stories leave more questions than answers and readers may find themselves remembering these tales for a long time."

--Sherry Decker, Author of HOOK HOUSE AND OTHER HORRORS
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