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Cemetery Dance Reviews Apple of My Eye

The current issue of Cemetery Dance features an intriguing review of my first collection, Apple of My Eye, which is now out of print--better late than never...

Here's an excerpt: "Apple of My Eye holds thirteen abrupt, little stories by Amy Grech. The author has constructed a reputation for a short, sharp, poke-in-the-eye kind of writing.

"Grech contributes one of the best lines ever uttered by a character caught flagrante delicto: 'I was examining her; I'm an Ophthalmologist.' That line makes reading the title story worthwhile.

"Grech fans will be happy with the collection to get some favorites all in one place, and for the two new stories, 'Snubbed' and 'Raven's Revenge'--these new ones fall safely in the same range as the previously published ones in the collection, so fear not for continuity."

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