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Coney Island

I spent the afternoon at Coney Island...It's only 15 minutes away by subway.  The weather was perfect--sunny and breezy!  They had a tug-of-war on the beach: Average Joes vs. Wall Street.  Wall street won...

The place was practically deserted: I saw a handful of families, young couples and single folks like me.  For lunch I had a basket of small, friend shrimp for $7.00; still hungry, I headed for Nathan's Famous for a hotdog with sauerkraut.  I wandered around for a bit.  I found a fortuneteller machine; unfortunately, it was broken--that was a bummer last time I went with relatives two years ago, I got a nifty fortune. I wanted frozen custard, but the Department of Health banned it after the Salmonella scare...
Tags: coney island, department of heath, frozen custard, nathan's famous, salmonella
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