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Crocs Rock!

Two years ago, when I had a full-time job in Manhattan, a guy in the building would wear the ugliest brown clogs I'd every seen to work every day.  On the elevator ride up, someone asked him what he was wearing on his feet, so he told them, "These are Crocs, they rock, they're really comfortable!"  I'd seen Ads for them in Fast Company Magazine.   The Ad had a bulldog sitting next to the Crocs. The slogan was: Sometimes ugly is beautiful. Everyone is wearing them: kids, girls, guys, men, and women in every color of the rainbow.

I got Aqua Crocs!  I have narrow feet, so they look kind of funny--they run big--I take a size smaller than I normally would.  I've had people stop me on the street in Manhattan and Brooklyn to ask me what I'm wearing on my feet...This is what I tell them:  "These are Crocs, they rock, they're really comfortable!"
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