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Got Allergies?

I suffer from severe ocular and nasal allergies...I take two eye drops, Alrex and Pataday, daily to avoid itchy eyes.  I also use a neti pot, saline nose spray and Rhinocort Aqua for my nasal allergies.  Despite all of this maintenance, my allergies still bother me on high pollen days.  While shopping for new sheets in Bed, Bath & Beyond a couple of weeks ago, I came across Intellatex, a brand of bedding that uses a negative ion charge, thwarting microscopic irritants and allergens.

I admit I was skeptical, but after sleeping on these special sheets for two weeks, I am happy to report highly diminished allergy symptoms!  An unexpected benefit: My hair isn't as messy when I wake up!

Tags: bath & beyond, bed, nasal allergies, negative ion charge, pollen

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