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The Sopranos Ends with a Bang!!

I don't have cable, yeah I'm a relic, so I was glad my friend when my friend Fina's husband, Paul, suggested that I say after Fina's Belated B-Day Party to catch the last Sopranos ever...One of his friends, Robert,  also joined us for The Sopranos Season Finale.  We shared a plate of delicious cold cuts; they had beer and I had a Margarita, complements of Fina!  We sat in compete darkness and watched the show on Paul's awesome 42-inch flat screen, complete with surround sound!

I cracked up when Phil caught his bullet and a Ford Explorer wheel to boot.  Now that's using your head!  I loved the bit with Paulie and the cat--hilarious.

The show has always played with irony, like Meadow's decision to attend law school.  When Christopher first appeared on the scene, he was wearing a baseball cap; when Tony did him in, Christopher was wearing--say it with me:  a baseball cap.

Now that I've had time to think about how that final scene played out, I realize Sopranos Series Creator David Chase is a genius!    Remember what Tony said to Bobby at the lake:

"You probably don't even hear when it happens, it just goes black."

Everything goes black in the final moments because Tony got hit and he didn't see it coming...Don't blink, you might just miss something!

Now that the show is over, it's time to pay your respects with some Sopranos Swag!
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