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Life is Full of Surprises...

I went to Manhattan to do some shopping. I got some spiffy new summer duds at Old Navy. I ran into my friend Fina, who is taking classes to become a masseuse.  She ran up and hugged me from behind--I'm not used to that, so I ignored her at first, but when a guy walking in front of me laughed.  I did a double-take, I realized it was her and we had a good laugh!  I asked her to join me for lunch, but she had already eaten, so we parted ways.  I had a coupon for a free, small yogurt at Red Mango.  I chose mangoes as my topping.  Yummy!  The yogurt tasted just like PinkBerry; both chains even offer the same flavors...

My Grandmother is very ill; she has suffered from Dementia for the past six years.  I am going to Long Island tomorrow to say good-bye.  I will be back in Brooklyn on Friday.
Tags: frozen yogurt, long island, old navy, pinkberry, red mango
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