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So yesterday, I had a conference call with a new client and he informed me that emails to my EarthLink email weren't being delivered. Argh! Turns out EarthLink moved my email to a new mail server and I had to update the port settings via Apple Mail. I don't need digital drama!!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

I'm my Own Health Insurance Administrator

When I took the plunge and because a full-time freelancer nine years ago, I was stuck with the daunting task of becoming my own Health Insurance Administrator, a thankless job formerly handled by Human Resources way back when I had a Corporate Job.

I switched to Emblem Health a few months ago because the cost was only slightly higher than what I'd paid in the past. It's been a logistical nightmare: I had to call them five times to start getting invoices, only to discover that they had not credited my first three payments because I was told to send them to a different PO Box than the one that appeared on the invoices. Argh! I've called twice about the issue and it remains unresolved...

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Yet Another USPS Fail

I mailed a bill from a mailbox in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, expecting it would arrive without incident. I saw that the check for one of my credit cards hadn't been cashed two days before it was due, so I paid by phone. I noticed via my banking app that the check was cashed on March 15th, four days past the due date...Argh!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Had a Blast at StokerCon

StokerCon was awesome! There was lots to do...My Dangerous Dames and All the Screaming: Writing Sex and Romance in Horror Panels were well attended and since all of the panelists prepared in adavnace, engaging conversations; the Cross-Genre Writing Panel, on the other hand was a disaster--the moderator had not emailed questions beforehand--and while I can think on the fly--he obviously couldn't. I attended lots of great panels, too many to mention!

I caught up with writers I hadn't seen in years, like Linda Addison, Michael, Arnzen, Scott Eldeman JG Faherty, Elizabeth Massie, Lisa Morton, and countless others; I also met lots of Authors I'd previously only known online...

I also went on the H. P. Lovecraft tour, which was fun, despite all of the rain and wind! We walked 4.5 miles, quite a workout!

The Biltmore Hotel left a lot to be desired: Housekeeping didn't clean my room until after 1:00 p.m. the first day, and only because I called the front desk. They only left me one roll of toilet paper and one box of tissues. I had to ask for more. There was lots of flooding in the hotel on Friday, due to the Nor'easter--water came into the Starbucks via the windows and part of the ceiling collapsed in the restaurant...

Hats off to Jim Chambers for putting together such a great Con!

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