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Just Call me G

My first name is too popular; a couple of months ago, I got the wrong drink at Starbucks because another Amy nabbed my order and I got hers…They made good, issuing a credit for a free drink. Now, when I order, I just go by G. Problem solved!

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Amazon Locker Convert

Since UPS leaves deliveries from Amazon in front of my building in Brooklyn if I’m not home, I gave Amazon Locker at my local Rite Aid a try. I received a code via email when my box arrived and I was able to pick it up at 9:00 p.m. last night on my way home from Manhattan. After I entered the code on the screen, the locker that contained my box popped open. Quick and hassle-free!

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Impending Recession

It looks like we’re heading for another Recession…As a full time Freelancer, I have a bird’s eye view of the economy. In July and August several of my clients took over two weeks to mail checks; if that happens with one client, I figure they forgot to mail it, but several clients is a strong indicator that business is also slow for them and they’re reluctant to part with their money.

I’ve noticed that I have less disposable income for things like movies, or going out for dinner and drinks and friends. My advice: Hang on to your money—looks like you’re gonna need it!

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USPS Snafu

So last week, two days in a row, my building wasn’t getting our mail delivered—we were getting mail for the building next door. Frustrating doesn’t being to cover it. As a full time Freelancer, I rely on USPS to deliver my client checks. I called the 1-800 number and someone actually called me back to create a case in their system.

Unsure of my mail carrier was just on vacation, or if this was the start of my own personal Hell, I followed up yesterday; I got the phone number for my local Post Office; someone answered the phone. She said she would relay the message to my letter carrier, who it turns out, took two days off. I spoke to him personally and said I hoped he had a nice vacation.

The same person called my yesterday evening to follow-up. I told her I spoke to my letter carrier and she said she would talk to her supervisor about the temporary letter carrier, so that this doesn’t happen again!

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Email Tips and Tricks

Take it from me, a full-time Freelance Digital Content Strategist/SEO Specialist, never underestimate the power of email! Here are some useful tips and tricks…When sending monthly invoices, I’ve found that typing the subject like so, JUNE INVOICE, helps it stand out from all of the other email clients receive. If two weeks go by and I still haven’t been paid, I sent a second notice, like so: JUNE INVOICE – SECOND REQUEST usually elicits prompt payment. I learned this the hard way. 10 years ago I had a client who was a photographer; as such he received an onslaught from his clients—so much so that my invoice would literally get lost in his inbox…

Long email threads can likewise be counterproductive. For example, I sent one of my newer clients his latest Google page 1 rankings the week before 4th of July, but alas, I made the mistake of doing so via a current email thread; consequently, the client missed it and asked for his latest Google Rankings the Saturday before the 4th of July week when he was most likely on vacation. I do not work weekends, so I don’t know if he’s seen it yet. I did send the rankings in a new email.

So there you have it! I hope these email tips and tricks have been helpful!

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20 Years of Crimson Screams

Way back when, June 1999 to be exact, I was working a dead-end job at Macy’s in Manhattan, so I decided to take a night class at the New School University to learn the basics of Web Design. I invested $650.00 in a six-week class, the first step in a career change. Definitely money well spent! I registered my first domain name,, long before SSL Certificates were issued for personal websites…

I built my author website using HTML—WordPress didn’t exist yet—and frames, a now defunct  layout. And will virtually all of my client websites are WordPress sites, knowing how to code by hand comes in handy!

Crimson Screams is still alive and well, and I still code all updates by hand. ;)

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