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2019: Year in Review

2019 has been intense: I landed six new clients, a few thanks to one of the Web Developers I work with, and others from various networking events I attended.

In January, I was diagnosed with a Basal Cell Carcinoma on my right cheek; Mohs Surgery followed in June, and then too many Cortisone Shots for bump near my nose.

Writing-wise, it wasn’t my most prolific year. My story, “Winter Wonderland” appeared in April Grey’s anthology, Hell’s Highway. I’ll endeavor to do better in 2020!

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Amazon Disappoints, Twice

I got some of Amazon Gift Cards recently, so I placed two separate orders; both arrived late to my local Amazon Locker. I requested a refund for one order that was over a week late; complicating things, I got a text this morning that my item was finally ready for pickup…I can’t accept it, since I already have the refund. Argh!!

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Knocked Down a Peg on the Health Insurance Ladder

I signed up for Oscar last year and am very happy with the Silver Plan! Oscar rewards me with a $1.00 for every day I meet my steps goal, and they paid the bulk of costs when I needed surgery for a Basal Cell Carcinoma on my cheek. The Silver Plan has become too expensive, so I need to downgrade to the Bronze. Ugh! I actually met my deductible for the first time this year, so I’ve scheduled some doctor’s appointments before I get hit with huge deductible on my new plan…

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Just Finished a Three Week Gig

Things have slowed down with my clients, much to my dismay, so I got a three week temp. job through an agency. I haven’t worked onsite in an office for 10 years, so there was a bit of a learning curve—they had a PC in the office—I use a MAC at home, so I had to learn all of the shortcuts. I do a lot for my clients: social media, updates, Photoshop, and SEO. In the office where I worked, each of those jobs were held by three different people…

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind working part-time in another office, it’s nice to have actual co-workers…

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Hell's Highway Release Day

Would you stop for a hitchhiking clown? Go to a diner where the coffee is literally endless?
Sled with Mother Nature?

Sixteen Terrifying Tales of Travels by Oliver Baer, A.J. Bartholomew, Ed
Cardillo, Mark Cassell, V. Peter Collins, Tom Connair, Teel James Glenn,
Amy Grech, Carol Gyzander, Rayne Hall, Joe Kennedy, Phillip T. Stephens,
Pamela Turner, Steven Van Patten, and Jake T.S. Wryte.

Check out Hell's Highway on Smashwords also on Kindle, and in paperback.