NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Now it can be told...

After a whirlwind week viewing apartments in Bay Ridge with several brokers, I stumbled upon a real gem, a one-bedroom in a small, quiet building with only one other tenant! I'm moving in early July...I'm super-excited. There's much to do before I can enjoy all that Bay Ridge has to offer!
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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

What a week!

Phew! I'm exhausted after viewing apartments with several brokers in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. A couple of observations: One broker showed me an apartment at the same time as another guy. Talk about poor taste. Aparments rented through brokers go fast, but I'm very close to locking down an amazing deal...More details soon!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Apartment Search: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

This past Friday afternoon I spent close to two hours in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn searching for apartments. I saw two apartment for rent signs. Will call tomorrow to inquire...I really liked Bay Ridge! My bank is there, as is a supermarket, and lots of restaurants and coffee shops. The only drawback--it's the end of the line on the R train, which translates to an hour commute to midtown Manhattan...Ah, well, you can't have it all...

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Apartment Hunting I Go...

The clock is ticking---I need to find a new place to live no later than July 31st; while that may seem like a decent timeframe, I feel compelled to devote the much of my Memorial Day Weekend to a very strategic apartment hunt, becase time passes far too quickly. I'm taking a mental health day off from work tomorrow for a doctor's appointment, a little retail therapy and some time in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, searching for Apartment for Rent signs...Depending on how I do, will tackle other neighborhoods on Saturday and Monday. Fingers crossed!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Never Used a Real Estate Broker to Score an Apartment

Turns out they move fast! I contacted a few last week to set up apartment viewings, but cancelled when they told me the apartments required a June 1st move in date. Not looking to move until late June or mid-July, unless I stumble upon an amazing deal...

I've lived in Brooklyn practically half of my life...I lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for six years, before the hipsters descended, in my Grandmother's apartment; after that I moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, where I've lived for 15 years. Fingers crossed I can find an apartment through a friend, or an Apartment for Rent sign...Wish me luck!!

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