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Be Found on LinkedIn

Are you a job seeker looking to land your dream job with LinkedIn? Recruiters use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates; if your profile isn't properly optimized, you could be easily overlooked. I will make sure you can be found via keywords employers using to search for candidates.

Small business owners can also benefit from this powerful networking tool; a robust profile could lead to new business and/or referrals from satisfied customers. I can also create a brand new LinkedIn profile so you're sure to be seen by the right people. Contact me at: amygrech(at)mindspring(dot)com. Let's get started today!

Here are a few of the LinkedIn profiles I've optimized:

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Still Seeking Affordable Housing in NYC...

After living in the same rent-stabilized apartment for the past 14 years, the owner is selling the building and a new owner who wants to gut-renovate is closing in, fast…I’m looking for an affordable 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens. Please let me know if you hear of anything. Thanks in advance!

Update: The new owner is eagar to move, but myself and the other tenats in the building all have current leases, which he needs to negotiate buyouts for, since we're rent-stabilized. On the phone I told him I cannot look for an apartment unitl sometime in 2017 as close to Spring as possible. Moving will be a huge pain in the ass!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

eBay Phishing Scam

The other night I was curled up on the couch watching TV when I got a PayPal alert on my iPhone, a request for $200.00 from someone I’ve never done business with stating that he accidentally bid on one of my eBay auctions; problem was, I’d just started an auction that had zero bids. So I logged into PayPal, deleted the request and that was the end of that!  Be careful out there in the vast reaches of cyberspace!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Cyber Monday Amazon Debacle

So earlier today, like millions of other Americans, I signed into my Amazon Account to use a gift card and get some Christmas Shopping done. I ordered several items. Several hours later, I received an email from the third-party vendor that had cute decorative throw pillows for sale informing me that the item I wanted was no longer available. While I got a prompt refund, wouldn’t it have been much easier to list the item as discontinued on their Amazon Page?

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Fellow Writers: When Do You Conduct Research?

I’m working on a crime story set in my neighborhood of Park Slope, based on actual events…3,000 words in now that my characters have been fleshed out and dialogue is flowing smoothly, I find myself devoting about half of my writing sessions to researching various kinds of guns, bullets, etc. I think this might be because I’m a full-time Freelancer; working as a Digital Content Strategist, I shift gears constantly. I might spend the morning editing and deploying a client Enewsletter; my afternoon might be divided among several clients working in Photoshop, updating social media accounts, editing website content, conducting keyword research for organic SEO initiatives, and writing several blog posts.

So, fellow writers: What say you? Research one night and writing the next, or like me, do you do a little of both simultaneously?

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

My First Collection, Apple of My Eye, Published November, 2006

Where does the time go? Two Backed Books published my first collection, Apple of My Eye in November, 2006! I received an advance and the book went into a second printing before the publisher folded! In 2009, Damnation Books published my second collection, Blanket of White. The book sold decently, then that publisher went belly-up...Last November, New Pulp Press published my collection of crime stories set in New York City, Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City!

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

The Evolution of Dinner and a Movie in NYC

Twenty years ago when I first moved to New York City, dinner and a movie meant going to a fancy restaurant before heading over to the multiplex, where concession snacks included candy, popcorn and soda. That was it, end of story! My, how times have changed! Now there are several theaters where a night out has transcended into an immersive experience!

iPic Theater in NYC offers beer, high-end cocktails, gourmet food, and amenities like blankets and pillows for guests...Based in Brooklyn, Nitehawk Cinema also serves adult beverages and grub brought directly to your seat by a server while you enjoy the show. The closest theater to me would be the brand-spankin’ new Alamo Drafthouse, also located in Brooklyn; I plan to grab a brew and some grub with friends sometime soon while we enjoy a movie!

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

The Cost of Health Insurance is Sickening

The other day in the mail, I received a letter in the mail from my current health insurance carrier, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, informing me that starting January 1, 2017, if I remain on the Silver Plan and renew directly with them, my monthly premium will skyrocket from the current rate, $553.40, to a mind-boggling $650.19. I did use a health insurance broker last year. Here's hoping I can renew at a reduced rate; barring that, I might see how much health insurance via the Freelancers Union will set me back. So much for the Affordable Care Act...