NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

My HP Printer Gave Up After 8 Months

Last month, my HP Printer simply would not print. I tried for over an hour, re-installing print drivers, resetting the printer, all in vein. I hardly used the damn thing! A few weeks passed before I could call HP. They told me it was a printheaad failure. My original warranty had already expired after only 8 months, but back in January I purchased an extended warranty. Foresight.

They sent a refurbished replacement, not a thrilling prospect, via Fed Ex. The new printer does not have the same model number as the first one, but it does use the same printer cartridges and drivers. Tomorrow, I have to pack up the first one and schlep it to a Fex Ex shipping center far from my apartment. Not fun...

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Had a Blast at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Yesterday I attened the Brooklyn Book Festival located just a few short stops away from my Park Slope apartment via the NYC Subway. The Horror Writers Assocation Booth wasn't exactly in a prime spot, located at the tail end of the festevail, but that's the entrance I used; luckily, so did lots of other people! Foot Traffic started off slow, but steadily progressed. I managed to sell a copy of my collection, Blanket of White by casually mentioning that it was out of print, since the publisher folded. I had an eagar buyer for Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City after I told him that the book is chock-full of crime fiction that takes place in the East Vilalge, Hell's Kitchen, Central Park, etc.; after he heard that, he couldn't buy a signed copy fast enough! I had some really yummy Thi food from a food truck for lunch and several Authors took my information so they can contact me about upcoming readings throughout New York City. I'll be back next year!

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Eddie Bauer Has Been Hacked...

This past winter, I had to return a down jacket that developed a hole in one of the sleeves. I used the same credit card for the original purchase and the exchange. Eddie Bauer sent me a letter in the mail notifying me that my credit card information may have been compromised. Argh! Signed into my account and thankfully did not see any erroneous charges; just to be sure, I registered for one free year of credit monitoring...

Target was hacked back in 2014. Gasp! Seems like it's not safe to use credit cards anymore...

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Affordable Housing is the New Rent Stabilized

I moved to Brooklyn twenty years ago; my family thought it would be a good idea for me to move into my Grandmother's rent controlled apartment in Greenpoint. It wasn't ideal: the windows needed to be replaced, there were roaches and mice; it was on the fourth floor of a walk-up building, which wasn't wired for A/C...Then there was my Grandmother, who thought she had to babysit me, even though I had a full-time job in Manhattan at the time. She complained about me on the phone to my mother weekly. My share of the rent in 1996 was a mere $88.00 a month, which left me plenty of spending money to go out with my friends and explore NYC.  I muddled through a less than ideal situation to establish succession rights; so when my Grandmother had to be moved to a nursing home, the landlord had to continue to rent the apartment to me at a substantially reduced rate.

I stayed there for six years, until I stumbled upon my current rent stabilized apartment in Park Slope. I actually met my Landlady at a workshop for people who had been laid off by Macy's...My current apartment is larger, two bedrooms, I use the smaller of the two as my home office, is pest-free and can accommodate my air conditioner! I've lived here for the past 14 years, but the place is worse for the wear. I had to buy a space heater for my office two years ago because she's too cheap to replace the window. She plans to sell the building soon, so I've applied to several apartments in affordable housing in Manhattan and Brooklyn! It will mean downgrading to a one-bedroom apartment, but somehow I'll manage! These buildings actually have amenities, like a doorman, laundry in the building, etc. I applied to a building in Manhattan nine months ago and am still waiting to hear...I've applied to several other buildings since then. Fingers crossed!

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Bidding Farewell to Tekserve...

Heartbroken to learn that Tekserve, the MAC Experts will be closing forever at the end of the month. I've been a customer for 20 years, relying on their expertise for replacing worn out keyboards and mice, transferring files from Zip Disk to CD-ROM. Remember those?! These guys know their stuff. I was so impressed, I bought my new iMac there last December. They will be sorely missed...

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NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

The Future of Banking

Looks like bank tellers have reason to be concerned...The other day, I went to a new branch of Capital One Bank located in Union Square to deposit a rather large client check. Much to my dismay, this location had no bank tellers...Luckily, there was a helpful employee on hand to walk me through depositing my check via the ATM. It was quick and easily. And while I did use the mobile app to deposit a check when I was out of town, I'll miss the human interaction of bank tellers. I blame the Millennials...

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